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Biography of Annabelle Mauger

In the early 2000s, Annabelle Mauger discovered Cathédrale d’Images in Baux-de-Provence. This place immediately felt familiar to Annabelle and reminded her of childhood memories. Indeed, when she was just a little girl, she spent her vacations at her grandparents who owned a house/cinema. She used to fill her pockets with Dinky Toys and hide behind the rolling screen. The giant white screen and the sounds of the movie playing nourished her imagination. 


It explains why she instantly loved Cathédrale d’Images. This historical site was founded by Albert and Anne Plécy, Annabelle’s grandparents-in-law. Cathédrale d’Images was the cradle of the very first audiovisual creation in Image Totale© and became a worldwide institution admired for its immersive exhibitions.


As an independent creative director, Annabelle Mauger travelled the globe with the intention to share, reinvent and develop the grandeur of Cathédrale d’Images and its immersive shows. For the past year, she spent a lot of time in Canada (Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg) and she is always excited and delighted to share her latest work. 


Finding the ideal location to present her work is never an easy task, especially in Paris. In 2017, she was afforded the opportunity to present Imagine Van Gogh in the unique setting of La Grande Halle de la Villette, which came as the perfect solution following several years of intensive search. In this venue, the immersive and unique show came to life. The height, the space, the darkness, everything was united to allow the paintings to fully amaze the audience.    


From the very first outline of Imagine Van Gogh to the final exhibition, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron highlighted and enhanced, with a faithful eye, the work of the painter. Through time, technology evolves but the message stays intact. The creation of Image Totale© allows us to rediscover art in a new immersive experience.   


In 2019, Annabelle Mauger et Julien Baron created a new immersive exhibition, Imagine Picasso, which opened on October 4th in Lyon, at La Sucriere.


They keep on working together on new creations to amaze us with immersive, unseen, unique exhibitions.

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